You know what bothers me when guys say “you don’t have to wear all this makeup and nice clothes, you’re all beautiful”?

1. you’re lying.

2. you’re implying that the only reason we dress nice is for the attention of men. i.e. you’re a douchebag who’s trying not to be a douchebag so girls will want to go out with you. 



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    This isn’t true at all. When I say I don’t like when girls wear makeup, I’m saying that my personal preference is for...
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    Thanks for the response. I will make an effort to think about this when I’m complementing.
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    I understand what you mean. I think what this post is getting at isn’t forbidding a man from calling a woman beautiful,...
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    seriously. I like my man ‘cause he appreciates how damn fine my makeup looks even after I wake up and it’s all over my...
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